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Telesto has taken over Destiny 2

The gun that cannot be tamed has taken over Destiny 2 both on Twitter and within the game itself.


Guardians, Telesto has broken free from the confines of your vault and taken over Destiny 2, or so it would seem. Today, the official Destiny 2 Twitter account started posting nonsense, but it appears to have been the work of Telesto.

Telesto has a long history of breaking in Destiny 2. As far as bugs go, nobody even gets annoyed when it happens, we just have a chuckle about how absurd it is that a single weapon could possibly be as finicky as Telesto. This has spawned in-game Easter eggs, such as Banshee-44 working on Telesto at his shop, and a t-shirt in the Bungie Store with the message, “0 days since last Telesto incident.” At this point, we’re almost a little sad when too much time passes without Telesto breaking something, or everything.

Well, it appears that Bungie has fully leaned into Telesto being a hilarious, broken mess. Yesterday, Guardians noticed that the weapon had two firing modes, and appeared to smoke and spark. In this alternate firing mode, Telesto would shoot in a weird pattern that had some folks thinking it was shooting projectiles in the pattern of constellations. While watching the VOD from Aztecross’ stream yesterday, he can be heard polling his Twitch chat by asking, "Do we have an astronomer in here?”

An image showing Banshe-44 being taken over by Telesto in Destiny 2
Telesto has taken over Destiny 2, both in-game and on social media.
Source: Bungie

This level of investment isn’t new to Destiny 2. Veterans are used to dropping everything and going full send on secrets in the game. When the puzzles around the Black Armory began, streamers were working on solutions for so long that it had Bungie concerned. Players will leave work to go home and get a piece of community events and puzzles like what we’re seeing with Telesto today.

Update [1:47 p.m. EST]: According to a subreddit post on r/DestinyTheGame, there may be a Telesto interaction at the end of the Devil's Lair Grandmaster Nightfall.

Update [3:15 p.m. EST]: Rise of Bacon, who frequently writes for Shacknews about Destiny 2, tweeted and received the reply below from Cozmo:

Update [3:39 p.m. EST] DMG just tweeted and basically provided confirmation that whatever is happening isn't over yet.

Update [7:44 p.m. ET]: ATorbMain has posted to the Raid Secrets subreddit noting that Telesto now appears to fire bouncing, exploding projectiles after the initial burst. AshOfHyrule notes that the weird behavior of Telesto appears to mimic other weapon behavior, albeit poorly.

Well, Guardians, what are you waiting for? Get in there and find out what’s happening with Telesto, as will we. As soon as we know, you can bet you’ll find a full guide within our Destiny 2 strategy guide.


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