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Olympus Descent Imperial Treasure location in Destiny 2

Learn the location of the Olympus Descent Imperial Treasure chest on Mars in Destiny 2.


The Olympus Descent Imperial Treasure is another one of Emperor Calus’ powerful treasure chests, this time hidden on Mars in Destiny 2. Players hunting for more powerful gear in Destiny 2 would do well to stop by Rasputin’s stomping grounds to pick up the loot! Here’s where you can find the Olympus Descent treasure.

Destiny 2 | Olympus Descent Imperial Treasure location

To find the location of the Olympus Descent Imperial Treasure chest, begin by spawning in to Mars using the Glacial Drift fast travel zone. This is on the southern side of the patrol zone, right near the Ma'adim Subterrane Lost Sector.

From the spawn point, head left, following the cliff as it wraps back toward a cave system. Enter the cave and follow the path around the chasm, at which point you will encounter the Olympus Descent loading zone. Pass through the opening and into the larger space where a Warsat is crashed into the side of the cliff.

Destiny 2 Olympus Descent Imperial Treasure chest
Locate the downed Warsat in the Olympus Descent cave and then jump off the edge to find the Imperial Treasure chest.

Approach the cliff behind the Warsat and look down over the edge. The Olympus Descent Imperial Treasure can be spotted on an outcropping just below. Jump down to the chest and pop it open to claim you rewards. You will receive a Powerful item (hopefully in the slot you need), along with some runes and 100 Imperials.

The first time you open this particular Imperial Treasure chest, you should also complete a Triumph. Each of these Triumphs reward 500 Imperials, making it one of the best ways to get more Imperials in Destiny 2.

Imperial Treasure chests can be a little bit difficult to find in Destiny 2, and the Olympus Descent chest might throw you through the ringer. In the event you struggle to find any of the other chests, check out the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide where we’re covering each of Emperor Calus’ powerful chests.

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