War of the Worlds (Starfinder)

Coming Spring, 2018

They came from across the expanse as invaders. The first time astronomers saw the blasts of light from the Red Planet was the late 1890’s. The first of the Martians arrived in Victorian England followed by other places around the globe. Mankind found themselves under siege by the great war machines that came from their ships. Nothing could withstand their terrible advanced weapons. On the brink of extinction, it was only the the smallest of creatures that brought doom upon their imposing forces and halted a certain conquest.

Again they came in during that period between the War to End All Wars and World War II. This time it was a more covert operation with the Martians reaching out to a man by the name of Hitler with promises of world conquest. Secret programs and new technology threatened the free world. The Allies succeeded in stopping Germany and, more specifically, his Martian masters at great cost.

The last time they invaded was twenty years ago and they are still here. This time they are entrenched and prepared for the long haul. New microbes engineered to attack them were initially successful. Modern technology isn’t a match against their bio-weaponry. Furthermore, there are now factions of our own human race that have sided with these aliens and support them. The fight is far from over and that is why we need you…

War of the Worlds is a Starfinder campaign resource book. Covering H. G. Wells’ concept of world invasion in three distinct periods of our history, players can join the resistance and fight against the invasion of our home world. Will the Martians prevail or will a ragtag team of humans become instrumental in their defeat?