Lore of the Gods: PFRPG Edition Sneak Peek #3


The following are abilities granted to avatars when it possesses a domain. Unless stated otherwise below, domain abilities are powered by an avatars highest, unmodified ability score. Intermediate avatars gain a +5 bonus to the DC of their abilities. Greater avatars gain a +10 bonus to the DC of their abilities. Avatar spell like abilities have a caster level equal to the avatar’s Hit Dice.

Any alignment, element, or energy domain adds the appropriate subtype when possessed by an avatar.


Abomination Domain

In addition to the following abilities, avatars with the abomination domain can reduce the ability scores of a creature by 10 with a melee touch attack. The touched creature is allow a Fort save to change this to ability drain instead. A creature can only be affected by this effect only once at any particular time, and the avatar can end this effect as a free action regardless of distance or planar boundaries.

Corrupting Touch (Sp) With a melee or ranged touch against a creature it can see within 1 mile, an avatar with the abomination domain can warp the form of a creature, dealing 2d6 points of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma drain. This effect can only be removed by a wish or miracle spell, or divine intervention.

Terrifying Form (Su) Avatars with the abomination domain are horrific to behold. Any intelligent creature that can see the avatar must make a successful Will save or be panicked as long as they can see the avatar, and shaken for 1 year after not seeing the avatar. This ability requires no effort from the avatar.

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp) Avatars with the abomination domain possess the following spell-like abilities.

At will—alter self, black tentacles, clone, enlarge person, giant vermin, grotesque, shapechange, touch of chaos, writhing tendrils

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