DragonWing gets Crafty!

For immediate release-
(July 30, 2017) DragonWing Games is joining the Fantasy Craft family!
DragonWing Games is proud to announce that they are going to begin producing titles for Crafty Games’ Fantasy Craft game engine. Fantasy Craft is a game of high fantasy based upon the OGL. Known for its fast pace and cinematic action, Fantasy Craft delivers a roleplaying experience that is both fun and exciting. DragonWing Games will produce new adventures and supplements that focus on niches not currently met.
“I’ve always loved Fantasy Craft and both Alex and Patrick are very gracious to allow us to play in their sandbox of fun rules. We will be doing stuff that gamers love, yet maintaining the standards you come to expect from both Crafty and DragonWing Games,” said Steve Creech, President of DragonWing Games.
DragonWing Games was formed in 2002 by Steve Creech and produces material designed to provide gamers with the tools they need to enhance their experiences at the gaming table. Their tagline is “Your game, your imagination. We give you the tools.”
Crafty Games, founded in 2006, is responsible for the Mistborn Adventure Game based on the New York Times best-selling novel series by Brandon Sanderson, as well as Fantasy Craft, a high adventure OGL toolkit game that lets you build and play in your world, on your terms; and Little Wizards, a starter RPG designed to introduce kids aged 6 to 10 to the hobby we all know and love. Their next roleplaying game project is the highly anticipated Spycraft Third Edition, a fresh start and a brand new direction for the World’s Greatest Espionage RPG.

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