DragonWing Games and Samurai Sheepdog go Hunting!

DragonWing Games and Samurai Sheepdog Go Hunting!

(August 4, 2017) DragonWing Games and Samurai Sheepdog (formerly Mystic Eye Games) are collaborating to bring back The Hunt: Rise of Evil campaign setting to your game. As one of the first third party campaign settings to be released when the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons was published, Hunt: Rise of Evil established that modern day Earth had strong connections to the fantasy world of Gothos via dreams. Mystic Eye Games produced several supplements and a few adventures set in Gothos. Now Gothos is getting a revised setting via the new 5th Edition and Pathfinder rules where the events that lead up to The Fall of Man are chronicled. In addition, Gothos will be also receiving the Starfinder treatment whereas the timeline is set approximately 250 years from The Fall of Man.

“I’ve worked with the Mystic Eye team in the past to great success. Doug and Hal are great guys (even though Hal refuses to wear pants even in public) and they have a huge passion for the game itself, let alone the Gothic horror world that has become their baby. This venture comes at the perfect time with all of the new opportunities for game design that has come about in the last couple of years,” said Steve Creech, President of DragonWing Games.

“We here at Samurai Sheepdog are excited by this new venture, and very much look forward to what Steve brings to the table for the worlds of Gothos and Earth after the Fall of Man. Having worked together previously, we can attest to Steve’s ability to do the setting justice as we move ahead into its future. Hold onto your canites; it’s going to be an exciting ride!,” says Hal Greenberg, co-owner of Samurai Sheepdog.

The original Hunt: Rise of Evil will be converted to 5e and Pathfinder in a no-frills economy release with the next book in the series, tentatively titled “The Hunt: Dream Warriors,” bringing the campaign setting almost to where the “Fall of Man” timeline begins and will remain largely unchanged. The final campaign setting book, “The Hunt: Escaping Darkness,” will advance the timeline from the end of Fall of Man and moving forward approximately 250 years into the future. This final setting book will be designed with the Starfinder rules in mind, making it a playable setting for those rules along with the other rules systems it has already been designed for.

Samurai Sheepdog (formerly Mystic Eye Games) was formed in 2013. Hal Greenberg and Doug Herring continue to helm the operation, with Ken Shannon, Kevin Glusing, and Jon Wolf joining them to bring new and fascinating options to players of all types of games. The Hunt, Rise of Evil, Fall of Man, and any related characters and story lines are (c) Samurai Sheepdog 2013-2017.

DragonWing Games was formed in 2002 by Steve Creech and produces material designed to provide gamers with the tools they need to enhance their experiences at the gaming table. Their tagline is “Your game, your imagination. We give you the tools.”

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