Course plotted and ready to engage…

DragonWing Games heads to the stars.

DragonWing Games will be bringing the Dawning Star universe to Starfinder. Blue Devil Games has graciously given DragonWing Games a license that will allow them to produce material set in the Dawning Star universe. “While Blue Devil continues their own development of a FATE version, we felt that it also begged for the Starfinder treatment,” says Steve Creech, President of DragonWing Games. “Paizo has developed a strong set of rules in the making of Starfinder and we wanted to the opportunity to utilize those rules within a known quantity. Dawning Star was a great setting under the d20Modern. Licensing it from Blue Devil Games gives us that ability to show it to a whole new audience.”

DragonWing Games was formed in 2002 by Steve Creech and produces material designed to provide gamers with the tools they need to enhance their experiences at the gaming table. Their tagline is “Your game, your imagination. We give you the tools.”

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