Alchemy & Herbalists

Alchemy & Herbalists v3.5

Alchemy & Herbalists by Steven Schend

The wonders of alchemy and the earthy goodness of herbalism have long been a draw in fantasy games. Alchemy & Herbalists takes these core elementals of medieval fantasy and brings them to life within the d20 rules. Updated for v3.5, Alchemy & Herbalists provides everything players and Game Masters need to incorporate alchemy and herbalism into their campaigns.

Master alchemists and herbalists have many secrets to reveal, but only those who strive to become truly skilled at their craft can hope to master the art of creating the most powerful of talismans.

Wondering what awaits you in Alchemy & Herbalists? In addition to an in-depth discussion of bringing alchemy and herbalism into your campaign, Alchemy & Herbalists provides 5 new prestige classes (black alchemist, red alchemist, white alchemist, tarastan herbalist, tarastan apothecary), 2 new schools (one for both alchemy and herbalism), a 14-page herbal catalog, 15 new feats and information on how current feats and skills augment the alchemy and herbalism creation processes, and the Catalog of Wonders that details more than 150 new items that can be created with the Craft (Alchemy) and Profession (Herbalist) skills. Three new monsters (alchemunculus, erlmantle, and the kin-o-the-green template) also await you.

Note: The cover depicted above is for the v3.5 electronic download of Alchemy & Herbalists. The print version is for v3.0.

Errata: Here’s a Q&A that should answer your questions about Alchemy & Herbalists.

Download E-Alchemy, a brief 15-page glimpse into the final Alchemy & Herbalists book. Check out the Red Alchemist or read up on some of the powerful personages that have helped shape the study of alchemy and herbalism. We’ve also included a small selection of materials from the Catalog of Wonder. This section of the book covers items both magical and mundane that can be crafted using the skills detailed in Alchemy & Herbalists.


What the Reviewers Say…

I have to give Bastion Press credit for this one. The knowledge and abilities in this book are amazing. The designer went out of his way in doing the research involving Alchemy and Herbalism. Then he took the real world knowledge and converted it into game knowledge that is useful and workable in game-play.” — Kragshot,

“If any other d20 publishers have these subjects on their schedule, take them off! This book covers every topic in massive detail and provides good, solid d20 rules for everything PC’s could want on the subject. ” — Jeff Ibach, Role-Play News

“If you wish to expand the scope of these skills, add a new level of detail to your game, or just introduce new types of magical items, you’ll find it all inside Alchemy & Herbalists.” — Kithmaker,

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