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Destiny 2 - Mask of the Quiet One Exotic Titan Helmet

What’s all the fuss about regarding the Mask of the Quiet One Exotic Titan Helmet?


Finding the right Exotic for your class and subclass is a big part of Destiny. Depending on what you’re doing and how you’re rolling out, you might need to switch your Exotics in and out frequently. Today, I’m going to look at the Mask of the Quiet One Exotic Titan Helmet and talk about where you might find use for this Exotic.

Mask of the Quiet One

The Mask of the Quiet One is an Exotic Titan Helmet that is best paired with the Sentinel subclass. In fact, it’s almost useless if you’re not using the Sentinel subclass, unless of course you’re wearing it to give yourself a bump in Power on the way to the max Power of 305.

The Intrinsic perk on Mask of the Quiet One is Dreaded Visage. This will grant your Guardian with melee, grenade and class ability energy when you take damage. On the other hand, Void ability kills will grant health regeneration, which is why the Sentinel subclass is the way to go if you’re going to wear this. You’ll also get the choice between the Mobility Enhancement Mod and the Restorative Mod. Your choice here will depend on the build you’re going for.

Mask of the Quiet One is best utilized in PvE activities. Since you gain melee, grenade, and ability energy when taking damage, you’ll want to bring this if you plan to be in the middle of the fight and want to spam these Void options. And, because you’ll be taking damage, you can depend on increased use of your melee and grenade to get kills and restore your health.

Mask of the Quiet One is a tough sell in PvP, although I’m sure some people can make it work. I believe that you’d be better off going with the Striker subclass for PvP, but there is certainly some benefit to the Mask of the Quiet one in PvE events like the Nightfall, or Leviathan raid.

In terms of aesthetics, I like the Mask of the Quiet One, and I’m a big believer that looking good in Destiny 2 is as important as being functional. I’m probably very wrong, but we must all enjoy the game on our own level, right?

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