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Bastion Press Clearance Sale

The warehouse inventory levels are dropping and this will be your last chance to find these soon to be out of print titles. Many titles have less than 50 copies in stock. This is the ideal opportunity to grab some great resource supplements that work very easily for your 3.x/Pathfinder RPG games.

The following books are $5.00 MSRP for the sale:
BAS1004 Spells & Magic
BAS1006 Guildcraft
BAS1007 Pale Designs: A Poisoner's Handbook
BAS1009 Airships
BAS1010 Faeries
BAS1012 Into the Green: A Guide to Forests, Jungles, Woods, and Plains
BAS1015 Into the Black: A Guide to Below
BAS1016 Out for Blood: A Guide to Vampires and Those Who Hunt Them
BAS1020 Into the Blue: A Guide to Oceans and Coastal Waters

The following books are $2.00 MSRP for the sale:
BAS5000 Allies & Adversaries
BAS5001 Friends & Familiars

To purchase these books, go to the Studio 2 online store. Quantities are limited.